Fiction and Theatre

As a playwright, I have three plays to my credit.

  • Hamlet and Angad (2016): The two titular characters find themselves trapped in a strange, psychological landscape that they struggle to escape. Hamlet and Angad (or people claiming to be them) wrestle with ideas of family and identity in this absurdist adventure that explores the parallels between their incarnations in Shakespeare and the Ramayana. The script won the Hindu Playwright Award 2016.
  • The Uprising (2013): A satire set in colonial era India where a recently-arrived General bans guns in the fort of Amragaon. The residents instantly rebel and everything goes wrong. Performed by the Eccentrics in August 2013 and published in the Dhauli Review in 2016.
  • A Play About Death (2011): An absurdist story of an insufferable play gone wrong, the warping of reality for fun and profit and how the story must always go on – even if the characters have to die twice to make it happen. Performed by Masquerade Youth Theatre in 2011 to resoundingly juvenile success.

I don’t think of myself as having any particular affinity for short fiction but I do have one story published.