Notes on Employment and Education

These notes are from Employment and Education: An Exploration of the Demand Side Story, authored by Jeemol Unni and Sudipa Sarkar of the Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), India.

All, but two out of thirty occupations have had an increase in graduate intensity. Occupations with high intensity of graduates, mainly engineering, medical and scientific technicians, social scientists and economists, technical salesmen and primary and middle school teachers showed an increased demand for better and highly qualified people, we could say with the advent of the knowledge economy. The medium graduate intensity occupations were nurses, working proprietors (self employed enterprises), village officials, artists and composers, transport conductors, who showed a smaller increase in graduates among the younger cohort. The low graduate intensity occupations saw a large increase in the percentage of graduates in the younger cohort in 2009-10, for example, ticket collectors and checkers, merchants, shopkeepers, salesmen, and service workers. The nature of activities in these occupations may have changed so as to require a more qualified workforce. This definitely indicates an increase in demand for better educated work force in many occupations in recent years. (emphasis mine)

I think by proposing that these unskilled jobs are being done by graduates because of some kind of change in the occupation is missing the most interesting analysis of their work.

This paper was recently turned into a book chapter for a book edited by Devesh Kapur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta. I will hopefully get my hands on it and see if this sort of thing is just left like that or is improved upon. The working paper that I used as a source for this text is at least 5 years old so hopefully the book chapter is a much better product.