This page is a community resource for people to discover and share newsletters about or from India.

The Internet is vast and impossible to navigate unaided. The technologies that we rely on to guide us through this information explosion seek to surreptitiously colonise our minds. The email newsletter is a communication method that puts the human back in focus – whether they may be curators, creators, or readers. The technology is ancient, but it is somehow making an improbable comeback. This article explains the appeal further.

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General News & Opinion

  • The Newsbury: 5-minute daily read that covers the latest happenings from around the world in a fun, easy to read, conversational tone. News coverage is general, but the target audience is female Indian professionals.
  • Kat’s Kable: A weekly compilation of longform journalism from around the Internet, ranging from topics such as literature and sport to technology and politics. Sent to your inbox every weekend, punctuated by fun and sometimes esoteric special editions.
  • The Third Slip: A newsletter that brings you all the major news of the week: the big, the trending, the stuff you missed, the bizarre. Just ten minutes every Sunday. With humour. Written by Tony Sebastian and Deepak Gopalakrishnan.
  • Daily Kiwi: Daily newsletter with opinions and insights from across news sources, curated by Chakshu Roy.
  • The Big Scope: Daily newsletter that helps users find the videos they may have missed from the day before, plus some notable videos from the past couple of months. Cover news, business, tech, music, culture, food and much more.
  • Daily Brief: Start your day with the most important stories, curated by Rohan Venkatramakrishnan.
  • Splainer: Every weekday, in your inbox — or WhatsApp if you prefer, you get the big picture, analysis and best reporting on that one big story everyone’s talking about. Catch up on key headlines, and discover a wealth of cool, funny, smart reads and videos from across the globe. There is zero jargon and no rants – and all of it’s served with a generous dose of cheeky humour that makes you lol. Requires payment to subscribe.
  • The Far East Movement: Everything that’s worthwhile to read and know about India’s Northeast frontier.
  • The Unfolded: A biweekly newsletter unfolding the most significant news of the week, for you. Run by five Journalism graduates!
  • The India Cable: India is changing. We will help you interpret it. From the founding editors of The Wire — MK Venu, Siddharth Varadarajan and Sidharth Bhatia — and journalists/writers Seema Chishti, Sushant Singh and Tanweer Alam. Edited by Pratik Kanjilal.
  • The Juggernaut Weekly: Weekly newsletter that curates the best global news on South Asia(ns).

Politics & Public Policy

  • The Political Fix: The most important headlines, analysis and opinions from across the Indian political landscape, delivered to your inbox, every Monday.
  • IndiaSpend ResearchWire: Fortnightly compilation of the latest research and thinking on India’s health, education, gender, environment, and the economy.
  • Dalit Media Watch: Daily newsletter that compiles media coverage of issues related to Dalits in India. Content may be in Hindi or English.
  • Life of Labour: A weekly compilation of important labour developments from India and around the world delivered to your inbox every Sunday at 10 am. Curated and written by Srividya Tadepalli, Thomas Manuel, and Venkat T.
  • PRS Legislative Research: Updates on Parliamentary proceedings, briefings about proposed bills, and concise analyses of laws from PRS India.
  • Policy & Governance for Dummies: Weekly newsletter that focuses on one or two issues of importance hidden deep within the pages of national newspapers, and which actually will make a difference to our lives. Written by Mithun Madhusudan.
  • CASI Newsletter: Bi-weekly newsletter from the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Advanced Study of India. Features updates about the latest research about India from the scholars at CASI and elsewhere.
  • National Election Watch: Research reports and updates regarding electoral and political reforms from the Association for Democratic Reforms. Mails may be more frequent during elections.
  • Contumacious Curmudgeon: Weekly updates on the law, courts, and other institutions in India and elsewhere, with a streak of sarcasm and a healthy dose of opinion. Curated and written by legal expert Alok Prasanna Kumar.
  • Eye on China: A weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom. Curated by Manoj Kewalramani.
  • China India Networked: An occasional newsletter featuring original Chinese article translations, curated reading + commentary that highlights the connected past, present, and (imagined) future of China and India.
  • DisFact: Weekly India newsletter about politics, policy and the economy.
  • Collidoscope: The Wire’s weekly newsletter on social science research, by Jahnavi Sen.
  • Indialogue: A newsletter analyzing the biggest policy developments in India. New editions every Monday.
  • Anticipating the Unintended: Weekly public policy thought-letter about frameworks, mental models, and key ideas that will hopefully help you think about any public policy problem in imaginative ways
  • The Citizen’s Report: Developments in public policy, tailored for the informed citizen. Curated updates, twice a month, to give citizens an overview of what their government is up to.
  • Women Lead: India elected 78 women MPs in 2019. We track their journeys + weekly updates from the world of women in politics.
  • Migration Matters: The latest in the world of Migration, curated by India Migration Now.
  • National Alliance of People’s Movements: Updates from India’s largest grouping of people’s organisations and movements aimed at establishing decentralised democratic development.
  • Citizens for Justice and Peace: Updates from Citizens for Justice and Peace about minority rights, freedom of expression, criminal justice reform, and child rights. 
  • International Dalit Solidarity Network: Monthly overview of key national and international-level developments in the fight against caste discrimination, calls to action, press clippings, IDSN reports, recommendations and briefing materials.
  • The Satyashodak: Monthly roundup of articles about progressive movements and thought.
  • Andha Kanoon, Andha Samaaj: Fortnightly newsletter which will simplify a whole lot of gyan we are fed about our kanoon (law) and samaaj (society). Requires payment to subscribe.


  • Media Buddhi: A newsletter about how to stay sane and safe in a world of information overload, noise, ‘fake news’, half-truths and propaganda. Each issue, you get one idea that helps you think through these challenges.
  • Stop Press: A Newslaundry newsletter to help you track the news media ecosystem and makse sense of it. In your inbox every Saturday.
  • MisDisMal-Information: Covers misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation from the perspective of technology policy in India.

Business & Tech

  • Finshots: Daily dose of the latest, most important Financial developments delivered in plain English. In less than 3 minutes.
  • Takeaways: Highlights from 3-5 of the best podcasts in the startup ecosystem each week; from the Blume Ventures Podcast Club.
  • FilterCoffee: 2-minute email newsletter every morning with curated business and technology news to jump start your day.
  • Rising India: A newsletter on India’s millennials. India has the world’s largest population of millennials, and with a median age of 28, the country is one of the youngest major economies in the world. But how do they think and what do they want?
  • The Gyst: The top business news from India, deliverd in a way that’s informative yet entertaining. It’s free, and only takes 5 minutes to read each morning.
  • Rethink Aadhaar: Detailed reports from courts, Parliament, and the grassroots for people critically following the Aadhaar/UID project in India.
  • New Delhi Business Journal: Delhi-NCR’s most interesting roundup of weekly business stories. Curated by Abhishek Rai.
  • Velocity: An email newsletter every Sunday with new ideas handpicked from 100+ sources of information (stories, videos, gifs, podcasts, products, random stats) from the past week. Links are mostly about business, technology, and the business of technology.
  • Medianama: Information and analysis on digital and telecom businesses in India.
  • Asia Tech Review: List of the most important tech and related news out of Asia. Curated weekly by TechCrunch writer Jon Russell.
  • Digital Republic: One-stop shop for the most important, interesting, and insightful stories from the Indian tech space, that provide a peek into the societal impact of tech in India.
  • The Art of Data Science: Newsletter about data science and analytics and quant and business intelligence and everything related. Mostly unadulterated opinion, with some facts here and there. Curated by Karthik Shashidhar.
  • Turnaround: Weekly newsletter featuring smart takes on the latest developments from the Indian startup ecosystem from the best founders, investors and project managers.
  • The Shack Recap: Weekly digest of insights, skills and business stories for small businesses by small businesses. 99% of world’s businesses are small businesses. But, the other 1% tells us how to build and grow businesses. It’s time we change.
  • InsurTech Tribe: Seeking the pulse of insurance technology in South East Asia & India.

Science, the Environment, & Climate Change

  • Climate Matters: A newsletter on all things climate crisis – why it matters and matters to stay updated on – focus on Indian+Asian issues and audiences.
  • Protected Area Update: a newsletter on wildlife and protected areas in India that is published by the environmental NGO Kalpavriksh.
  • Research Matters: Weekly digest of of research-based news stories and highlights from the fields of science, engineering, technology, and the humanities in India.
  • REH: REH stands for rural, environment, and health. It also means unusable soil with a layer of salt on it. The soil needs to be tilled out, much like the decisive layer of journalism that we are trying to peel. Curated stories that challenge the idea of “development”.
  • Narmada Bachao Andolan: Information and updates from the struggle against the destructive Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Narmada Valley.
  • Green Clearance Watch: Updates from the Center for Science & Environment’s public information system that tracks and analyses environmental clearances for development projects.
  • The Wire Science Weekly: A weekly science newsletter curated by Vasudevan Mukunth, science editor of The Wire.
  • SeasonWatch: Newsletter of the India-wide program that studies the changing seasons by monitoring the seasonal cycles of flowering, fruiting, and leaf-flush of common trees.
  • India Environment Portal: Weekly updates about the state of the environment and development in India.
  • Janaki Lenin: Articles about the environment and conservation curated by nature and wildlife writer, Janaki Lenin.
  • No Planet B: This newsletter will bring you articles and videos about the climate crisis every week, and some helpful tips about how you can take action to make a difference while we still have some time!
  • Nature in my inbox: An weekly environment-focused newsletter featuring wildlife stories, videos, and activities.


  • The Good Food Newsletter: A monthly roundup of inspiring, positive news stories from India and other developing countries about agriculture, food, sustainability and healthy living.
  • Edible Issues: The most important food news from India, carefully curated and brought to you by Anusha and Elizabeth. Dispatched fortnightly.


  • The ParaMedic: Where medicine meets art: a curation of the best of literature, journalism, history, music, cinema, current affairs and all things interesting related to medicine and health.
  • Mental Health Digest: Fortnightly round up of articles and information on mental health by the White Swan Foundation.
  • Sad, Sick World: Exploring the subject of processing rage and packaging mindfulness in the context of capitalism, government and tech today.
  • Pulse: Health and wellness stories sent weekly.
  • Minor Feelings: A fortnightly newsletter + podcast on race, class, mental health, and immigration.
  • Gyandemic: News and views about science and society.


  • Queering About: Queer news, queer culture, queer learning… all that you need for your queer soul.
  • mush: Mainstream South Asian media rarely dives into the complexity of queer experiences and our ability to articulate them. mush is a bi-monthly newsletter that celebrates the very idea that queer lives are worth sharing and celebrating.

Books & Writing

  • The Book Satchel: Weekly emails (more like 2-3 emails a month) about books, new blog posts, interesting culture pieces elsewhere on the internet, creativity, recommendations and more.
  • It’s All Write: Notes on navigating the freelance writing world, from someone in the know.
  • multi-storied: Tales from the search for tales. By journalist and author Samanth Subramanian.
  • Words for Worlds: Fortnightly newsletter about science fiction and fantasy (including developments in the Indian SFF scene).
  • Books & Ideas: : Noteworthy from the world of books & ideas, curated by noted translator of Indian literature, Arunava Sinha.
  • Dear Reader: News, reviews, interviews, and discussions about books, curated by author and journalist Deepanjana Pal.
  • Indian Writers’ Forum Newsletter: News and perspectives regarding literature and the arts in India (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the subscribe option).
  • Strange Animals: A weekly newsletter about comics and sundry by comic letterer and occasional writer Aditya Bidikar.
  • Translations: By Arunava Sinha. Translations of Bengali poetry and fiction into English delivered at unpredictable intervals to your inbox.
  • HarperBroadcast: Book recommendations, interviews with HarperCollins authors, editors’ blogs, snapshots from book launch events, exclusive excerpts and essays, and a complete lowdown of all our new releases in fiction and non-fiction
  • Windowpane: A hangout for writers.

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

  • ACRI Culture Wire: Monthly newsletter that brings you curated news and views from the culture sector in India and beyond. In every issue, you can expect in-depth editorial features, interviews with the wisest and the freshest voices, industry resources and reports, and a handpicked list of opportunities from the field.
  • The Alipore Post: A weekly newsletter that shares art, poetry, music and other links from hidden corners of the internet. Curated by Rohini Kejriwal.
  • Podtalk: Updates and analysis of the most important stories in podcasting, conversations with creators, and podcast recommendations. Produced by
  • Jukebox Mash: A newsletter put out twice a month containing a curated playlist of fresh music pertaining to specific themes/moods/genres. Each playlist also tries to feature an Indian independent artist.
  • Sniggers from the Sidelines: A monthly newsletter about pop culture, Bollywood news and everything in between.
  • Indian Podcasting: Documenting the Indian Podcasting journey through news, interviews, reviews and podcast recommendations every fortnight.
  • Continue Watching: Two out-of-control tv addicts work their way through Peak TV
  • Song story short: A monthly newsletter serving music recommendations with a generous helping of [thoughts and feelings]
  • Narthaki: Monthly newsletter that will be your gateway to the world of classical Indian dance.

Personal Newsletters (+ a few that are hard to categorize)

  • The Internet: Personified: A weekly round up of interesting stories and amazing things that are also sometimes useful, curated by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.
  • Supriya: A monthly (or thereabouts) email about the work of writer and editor, Supriya Nair.
  • Letters from Vimoh: Weekly writings on media, culture, and creativity by Vijayendra Mohanty.
  • The Long and the Short of it: Articles, essays, opinion, and the occasional event alert from journalist and author, Snigdha Poonam.
  • What’s Usually Left Out: Something to think about before the week kicks into full gear. Plus, three best links on the Internet. Curated by Maanvi.
  • The Literary Rabbit Holes Newsletter: Weekly newsletter by Abhishek Gupte featuring ideas and thoughts viewed through the prism of what he has been reading – mostly books, but also occasional references to essays or research papers.
  • Weekly Newsflash from Dazne: Rishab Dassani’s short essays on personal effectiveness.
  • Cool Things People Made: 5 things to read, 1 song to listen to, and many other amazing things people around the world are creating, emailed every fortnight. Curated by Shivani Shah.
  • Linklist: Articles that probe the intersection of science, technology and society, especially through art, creativity, philosophy, historical studies, diplomacy and politics. Curated by Mukunth Vasudevan, science editor of The Wire.
  • Love, Pavemented: Insights into contemporary politics and philosophy, global news headlines, gems from the internet, curated messages from inspiring figures exclusively for readers, and more, twice a month. Curated by Sukhnidh Kaur in collaboration with Akademi Mag.
  • Rayaan Writer: A newsletter to delight your mind with fiction or interesting articles on varied topics. Written/curated by Mohammed Rayaan.
  • Weekend Explorations: Ideas for you to reflect on and apply in life and work. Curated by Vignesh S.
  • This is my newsletter: A newsletter with a surprise guest curator every Sunday. Produced by Rohini Kejriwal.
  • Getting to the kwan: A new career as a writer and editor. And a monthly newsletter to share my journey. By Michelle Pereira.
  • Curd Rice Daily: Daily newsletter which shares five longreads on a range of subjects, from politics to technology, sport and literature. Curated by Tejas Rao.
  • Kindred Spirits: A weekly newsletter essay about anything human, from grief to capitalism and everything in between. Written by Sindhu Shivaprasad.