Keeping up with Indian Social Science – Part Two

Based on this article in Current Science, I looked up the Journal Citations Report 2016. The list of journals for JCR 2016 is released only when the 2017 report comes out so I had to make do with the 2015 list.

It listed 8 journals in the social sciences.

  • Anthropologist
  • Conservation & Society
  • Contributions To Indian Sociology
  • Indian Economic And Social History Review
  • Indian Journal Of Gender Studies
  • Journal Of South Asian Development
  • Science Technology And Society
  • Studies On Ethno-Medicine

I couldn’t be sure about the first one – it might refer to the Indian Anthropologist, the journal of the Indian Anthropology Association. Conservation and Society seems to be run out of ATREE. The next five are Sage journals. The last one has a horrendous website – something out of the Geocities and Angelfire period of the ’90s. It’s published by KRE Journals and looks – excuse my language – like a pile of rubbish.

I subscribed to the 5 Sage journals and will see what kind of papers are published there. Conservation and Society looks like a great journal but I’m not sure if that’s strictly my area of interest.