Keeping up with current Indian social science

There is a real challenge in keeping up with new research in social science in India. It isn’t a matter of following a few journals. Universities don’t regularly update their websites or do a lot of public outreach regarding their ongoing projects.

I discovered Shodhganga sometime late last year and was very excited. An open access repository of PhDs sounded perfect but there was one big problem. The search function doesn’t allow you to search using date of acceptance by the university, rather it allows you the date of uploading to the repository. Since the website itself is only a few years old, the date of uploading is a mostly useless criteria for filtering – PhDs from 1992 could be uploaded in 2015.

But I learned recently about this page which is a constantly-updated list of recent PhDs accepted by universities within the Association of Indian Universities. I don’t know how thorough it is but it’s a good first start. It doesn’t offer links either but knowing about the research is the first step. Another downside is that this page doesn’t seem to be archived so it doesn’t seem possible to see the list for last month or last year.