Building in Public

Dealing with offers of help

It’s been almost four months since India Ink launched and the response has been overwhelming. Before we launched, we were mentally prepared for a long hard grind – a period of publishing content that no one really paid attention to as we slowly built an audience. Luckily, we managed to skip that stage and attract…

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2 months and 5 learnings about making videos

So it’s been two months of India Ink so far and that means we’ve made two videos. Each one has been a huge success in terms of reception – at least as far as we are concerned. We’ve been hearing stories from friends and well-wishers that they’re being forwarded the message from different sources –…

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Condensing Complex Texts

History writing is hard work. We have immense respect for the professional historians who produce the work that we use as sources. They’re constantly having to make impossible choices – about the authenticity of sources, whether one source is more important than the other, whether a particular theory fits a certain set of events, whether…

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Hello World!

The basic reason India Ink exists is because we like reading about history. It’s enjoyable – and it’s actually helped us understand ourselves and the current state of India. So we’re creating a project that we wished existed.

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