Should We Include Caste In The Census?

Throughout 2021, momentum has been building behind the demand for a caste census in India. Whether a caste census will lead to greater social justice or a more divided society is one of the most contentious and long-running political debates of independent India. This paper analyses the arguments for and against it.

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100 Years of Backward Caste Politics in Bihar

Over the course of the 20th century, Bihar has been the birthplace of numerous movements for social change. These movements emerged as a challenge to the caste order and have resulted in backward castes capturing political power, drastically altering the state’s power dynamics in the process.

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Who Is The General Category Reserved For?

There is a constant debate about reservations in upper caste circles. People keep talking about if they work, when they will be stopped, etc. But the framing of reservations as something that the “casteless” majority give to those who suffered because of their caste hides the truth.

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