Was Jinnah right?

Will a democracy with one vote for every citizen eventually, inevitably, put the minority at the mercy of the majority? Pakistani-American academic Akbar Ahmed says he wrote the 1998 film Jinnah because, among other reasons, he had […]

An internal disagreement among infidels

I’ve always had a problem with atheism. Not with atheists mind you; I’m usually more likely to get along with them than hardcore theists. This is, as the title suggests, more of an internal disagreement […]

On the difficulty of coming up with new ideas

It’s pretty hard to come with a completely original idea these days. It might be because almost all of the basic ideas, the low-hanging fruit, have already been thought of and anything that remains to […]

Notes on The Underground Railroad (2015)

The Underground Railroad is an extremely successful book and for this it must be analyzed. It won the Pulitzer prize and must now pay the Pulitzer price. It also won the National Book Award but […]