In 100 years, India’s response to a pandemic hasn’t changed

Why You Should Read This As this article is being published, India is still reeling from the second wave of a pandemic which has devastated the country and led to a lot of criticism of government mishandling. This paper shows how the colonial government mishandled a pandemic as well Рthe Spanish Flu. Through media…

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Who is the General Category reserved for?

There is a constant debate about reservations in upper caste circles. People keep talking about if they work, when they will be stopped, etc.
But the framing of reservations as something that the “casteless” majority give to those who suffered because of their caste hides the truth.

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How Tam-Brams went from being scared of Coffee to owning it

When the use of coffee first spread across India under British rule, many Tamil Brahmins strongly opposed it. But by the time India became independent, they had wholeheartedly embraced coffee, infused it with their own characteristics, and had begun to wield it as a marker of their social superiority.

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Sati was abolished to protect religious tradition, not women

In the early decades of the 19th century, British India witnessed a heated debate over the question of whether the practice of sati should be legally permitted. The debate had little to do with modern concepts such as human rights. Its real point was discovering and restoring “true Hindu tradition.”

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