Dealing with offers of help

It’s been almost four months since India Ink launched and the response has been overwhelming. Before we launched, we were mentally prepared for a long hard grind – a period of publishing content that no one really paid attention to as we slowly built an audience. Luckily, we managed to skip that stage and attractContinue reading “Dealing with offers of help”

Condensing Complex Texts

History writing is hard work. We have immense respect for the professional historians who produce the work that we use as sources. They’re constantly having to make impossible choices – about the authenticity of sources, whether one source is more important than the other, whether a particular theory fits a certain set of events, whetherContinue reading “Condensing Complex Texts”

How Tam-Brams went from being scared of Coffee to owning it

When the use of coffee first spread across India under British rule, many Tamil Brahmins strongly opposed it. But by the time India became independent, they had wholeheartedly embraced coffee, infused it with their own characteristics, and had begun to wield it as a marker of their social superiority.

Sati was abolished to protect religious tradition, not women

In the early decades of the 19th century, British India witnessed a heated debate over the question of whether the practice of sati should be legally permitted. The debate had little to do with modern concepts such as human rights. Its real point was discovering and restoring “true Hindu tradition.”