An internal disagreement among infidels

I’ve always had a problem with atheism. Not with atheists mind you; I’m usually more likely to get along with them than hardcore theists. This is, as the title suggests, more of an internal disagreement among infidels.

I am agnostic. Because while I can get behind the atheist credo that the existence of god cannot be proven logically, I also believe that you cannot prove the non-existence of god to any degree.

There are a lot of things we can’t explain about the universe. And to me, all of that is god until science proves otherwise. And if, in the distant future, it turns out that science can’t explain everything, if the quest to understand the universe turns out to be like Zeno’s paradox, we will be left face to face with the ‘true god’. Not Allah or Shiva or the biblical God, but the unknowable aspect of the universe that exerts its influence on us in infinite ways. god.